Saturday, April 13, 2019

Mobile game "'Elder Scrolls Blades' Is A Glimpse Into The Potential Dystopian Future Of AAA Games"

I have grown to hate this game more than almost any other game I’ve ever played.


The more I play Elder Scrolls Blades, the more I’m convinced it’s some sort of psychological test to see how often the game can trigger players by forcing them to pay


Possibly the single worst monetization path in the game other than the timed chest system is the fact that you can just…pay for extra lives on missions. As in you die, you can either start over from the beginning or pay gems to revive yourself. I got about 12 enemies deep into a mission once and I died with a sliver of life left on the final ultra-tough troll. So I paid the gems. I killed the troll. And then I found there were two more trolls further down. I died more times, but now, every time I died the gem price doubled. But I’d already paid the first gems so I was in too deep now. 25 gems became 50 which became 100 and