Thursday, April 4, 2019

"Welcome to the quasi-underground Trader Joe’s reselling economy"

Though the chain has 484 stores around the continental United States in 41 states and Washington D.C., it has no international locations or e-commerce business. In that absence, unsanctioned sellers offer popular items like Speculoos Cookie Butter, Dark Chocolate Covered Powerberries, Roasted Plantain Chips, and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups on marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, and These treats often come at a significant markup


There are a couple kinds of customers who buy Trader Joe’s from an unofficial online reseller. The first are those who became smitten with the brand or a particular product while living close to a store — then moved somewhere without easy access, and found themselves willing to pay almost anything to get the goods again. The second group have never experienced Trader Joe’s, either because they don’t live in the US or live too far from a store, but have heard about it and want in.


The advent of social media and YouTube “haul” videos has transmitted the legend far beyond American shores.