Wednesday, February 12, 2020

"Judge Voids UNC's Controversial Settlement Over Confederate Statue 'Silent Sam'"

The November 2019 agreement required the UNC system to give Silent Sam to the Sons of Confederate Veterans, along with $2.5 million for its preservation and display. It was announced within minutes of a lawsuit filed by the group.
The deal, struck without public knowledge before Thanksgiving 2019, gave Silent Sam to the Sons of Confederate Veterans, set up a $2.5 million trust to pay for things related to the monument, and forked over an additional $75,000 to the Confederate group in exchange for the group agreeing to not wave Confederate flags on any UNC campus during the next five years.

Judge Allen Baddour ruled Wednesday that the settlement between the two groups does not have standing.

His ruling dissolves the $2.5 million trust. However, attorneys for Sons of Confederate Veterans said some of that money has already been used.