Tuesday, February 18, 2020

"Whatever happened to the practical creatures from 'Pitch Black'?"

Befores and Afters:
To celebrate the Pitch Black’s 20th anniversary, I wanted to look back at the fantastic creature work of the film with animatronics supervisor and puppeteer John Cox, in particular. Before our conversation, though, he sent me something that I initially thought was kind of upsetting: photos of his team pulling down the animatronic creatures that had adorned his own studio in Queensland for several years and then taking them out to the trash.

I had to know more about what had gone on.


There was an early discussion that there was to be no blood because they wanted to get it in on a certain rating. Now, with blood, in the way that it’s perceived for ratings in films, is red blood. So we had a very, very pale blue blood and there were buckets and buckets of blue blood…and never a problem because it wasn’t red! That way we could just throw it everywhere; on people, on the ground, on the critters, and not have to worry about a rating, since it didn’t look like human blood.