Sunday, February 2, 2020

When you have zero chill

From Maya Kosoff's newsletter:
In pursuit of addressing my lack of chill, I asked two friends to tell me about a time that illustrated my complete inability to relax. “Well, writing a color-coded chart for your therapist springs to mind,”


It’s true: I marched into therapy on day one with a hand-written chart, color-coded in highlighter by urgency and priority, of things I wanted to discuss with my therapist. Much in the same way that I showed up every day fall semester freshman year to COM 107: Communications and Society, sat in the front row, raised my hand to answer every question, and completed every extra credit assignment even though I already had an A, I was trying to impress my therapist. I admitted this to her a week later when we started getting into the real shit but I didn’t have to. She told me this is a common thing with her clients.