Wednesday, July 14, 2021

"70 young athletes were allegedly abused by" the Olympic team doctor after the FBI was first notified of allegations


The 119-page report by the Justice Department’s inspector general paints a damning portrait of how the FBI mishandled serious allegations against Nassar, a team doctor for the U.S. Olympic team, USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University.


The report detailed a string of errors by ... the special agent in charge of the Indianapolis office, who has since been examined for possible prosecution by the Justice Department’s Office of Public Integrity. Prosecutors declined in September to bring a case against [the agent], the report said. The inspector general concluded that [the agent] had made false statements to investigators about an interview he had conducted with [one of the gymnasts].

In the midst of the investigation, the inspector general found, [the agent] also discussed job opportunities with ... the head of USA Gymnastics. The inspector general said [the agent] had made false statements to investigators about those job discussions and his handling of the Nassar allegations.