Saturday, July 24, 2021

Reddit's role in helping predators torment female Twitch streamers

Huffpo on the many dangers female streamers face, including finding horrifying subreddits dedicated to them:

Even the takedowns Blaire pays for are limited in scope. Reddit and other platforms will generally comply with DMCA notices demanding the removal of copyrighted material, explained Morrison, the attorney, so content that’s taken from Blaire’s livestream and reposted elsewhere online usually ends up coming down in the face of legal threats. But getting these platforms to take action on the grounds of sexual harassment — and to remove entire channels or subreddits for consistently abusive behavior — is much more difficult. 

After HuffPost reached out for comment last week, Reddit finally banned the subreddit harassing Blaire, citing “excessive copyright removals.”

“Our site-wide policies prohibit content or behavior that threatens, harasses, or bullies individuals or groups of people. Users and subreddits that engage in such behavior will be banned,” Reddit said in a statement to HuffPost. “Additionally, in accordance with Reddit’s User Agreement, we respond to valid DMCA takedown requests for cases of infringing or copyright materials and will action any users or communities in appropriate circumstances.” 

A new subreddit was created almost immediately and remains active.