Thursday, July 1, 2021

Interesting twists and turns in this story about a woman that responded to attempted blackmail by posting the "compromising" photo herself

When "Russian troll" threatened to post a photo of her semi-nude, she posted the photo herself instead and made it a fun challenge for her readers, inviting them to geo-locate where the photo was taken. First, the results were a reminder that geo-locating is disturbingly easy. Second, the photo itself was a reminder of how misleading social media can be:

I really did feel extremely beautiful when it was taken, and I was happy to share it with my audience.


The picture does not betray what a tense, scary time it was for me. At the same time, my parents were in town, my husband was then medicated, and we were able to drive to Elafonisi together and have a nice day without him screaming in my face or threatening me or otherwise going off the rails.


What can we learn from this example? a) Pictures often don’t tell the whole story. My husband and I took plenty of happy pictures together. They never featured my bruises or our endless fights. In fact, many of the people who knew us later used my happy pictures to try to “prove” that I was lying when I alleged abuse.