Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Southern California sheriff "acknowledges he was dues-paying member of Oath Keepers"

The Press-Enterprise:

[The Riverside County sheriff]’s one-time membership — along with the membership of roughly 40,000 current and former law enforcement and military personnel nationwide — was exposed after hackers breached the Oath Keepers’ website and mined its data.


He has been an outspoken critic of COVID-19 vaccine mandates, mask mandates and business restrictions 


He said the misguided and illegal actions of several individual members of Oath Keepers does not justify the mainstream media and FBI painting the whole group as an “anti-government militia.” He said members of far-left militant organizations like antifa and Black Lives Matter have committed acts of violence and vandalism, with far less attention paid by the media and the FBI.

“Why was this not done with antifa and Black Lives Matter?”

(Riverside voted against the recall.) 

Meanwhile in New York:

The head of a New York City police union has resigned after FBI agents raided his home and the group's offices, per multiple reports.