Friday, July 29, 2022

The MegaMillions prize is skyrocketing thanks to a free iOS app that lets users pay a gigworker to buy them lottery tickets

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Jackpocket, recently backed by Mark Cuban, Kevin Hart and Manny Machado as part of the $200 million the company has raised, has proven to be irresistible.


A user loads their wallet at Jackpocket and purchases lottery tickets. If they choose quick pick, Jackpocket’s own randomizer does the work. A Jackpocket rep is then charged with fulfilling that order with a retailer within the state. When that order is filled, the customer gets a scan of the front and back of the ticket with a serial number and watermark.


The company says that since April 17, when the current no-winner streak started, tickets purchased on Jackpocket tickets have made up an astounding 7% of all Mega Millions tickets purchased. That’s mind-blowing to consider when you learn that JackPocket is only in 12 states.


Not only do they have reloading fees, unlike mobile sportsbooks, but they also are allowed to suggest auto betting.

After I spent my $52, Jackpocket asked me if I wanted to spend $52 every time