Monday, November 28, 2022

Picked up from my wishlist, "The Appeal: A Novel" is $1.99 right now; Also, there's a free short story by Tamsyn Muir

at Amazon.

NYT said:

It’s a new year, which means a new crop of thrillers to provide some delicious diversionary relief from the sometimes less thrilling things going on in the world.

Let me suggest, to begin with, Janice Hallett’s witty, original THE APPEAL (Atria, 416 pp., $27.99). Reading it is like taking part in an immersive theatrical production in which you wander through an unfamiliar house, collecting clues to a nebulous mystery.


The whole thing is a delight; teasing out the mystery is almost as fun as searching for its solution.

And even cheaper, Tamsyn Muir wrote a 59-page short story for Amazon called "Undercover." (Free with Prime.) It's a good, creepy thriller. I recommend not reading the plot summary because each reveal is part of the fun. (It's not funny, and not connected to the Gideon series, as far as I can tell.)