Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Today's funny posts

Useful headline would be: Politician who wants to ban contraception says children use litterboxes at local elementary school

"Lords and peasants" is used exactly same way a wealthy republican landlord calls a barista the elite

I've never seen an ouroboros like this

So do Nets employees have to do anti-harassment training extra often for it to have value in case of litigation? Are they not working in a hostile environment?

"some players in the sport boil their bags or wash them with vinegar to make them lighter or thinner"

They should have look-a-likes the way Avengers walk around Disneyland

@itsanniebelle Happy Fall 🍁 🍂 #leafblower #leaf #yardwork #fallcleanup ♬ original sound - ItsAnnieBelle

@rocket.lizard This poor guy just wanted to do his job 😂 #animals #funny #viral #fyp #DidYouYawn ♬ Underwater (From "Banjo-Kazooie Grunty's Revenge") - Arcade Player

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