Monday, November 7, 2022

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There should be a Wikipedia page just for charter school scandals (And I assume they'll get massive new support depending on what happens in the LA mayoral race)

Article. ("I am a nonbinary lesbian, and my band mates are also queer and trans, so having chosen family is huge")

(Connecticut actually passed a law banning anti-union "captive audience" meetings)

Wikipedia offers other possibilities: Conventional wisdom holds that the Tokyo district of Roppongi earned the slogan of "High Touch Town" after residents noticed World War II American soldiers walking the streets giving each other high-fives; when the Japanese asked about the gesture it was mistranslated as hai tatchi or "high touch". This story is possibly apocryphal, as Hiroyuki Usui, a representative of the Roppongi Shopkeepers Promotion Association explains, "There is no deep meaning in 'High Touch Town'. People don't know what it means."

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out of context: cross country parents

♬ Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash

@beaverbabyfurrylove It’s been a little busy to create new videos but in the meantime, enjoy some old Beave videos. #fyp #wildliferehab ♬ original sound - Beave and Bea

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