Thursday, May 18, 2023

OK, the reveal about the A.I. in "Mrs. Davis" is pretty funny

I gave up on "Mrs. Davis" (created by Tara Hernandez and Damon Lindelof for Peacock) after watching the first two and half episodes of because I thought the cast was boring and the main character was poorly thought out (was she supposed to be a stunningly clever daredevil committed to pulling back the curtain on illusions, or someone who shrieked when a motorcycle went a little fast, and entirely willing to suspend belief on who her boss was). 

But the main idea (or what seemed to be the main idea) was interesting: what if the computers from The Matrix took over, but instead of locking everyone into a hellishly mundane virtual reality version of the 90's, the computers skillfully made people happy by sending them on ARG-like quests designed exactly for their personalities and skills. The computers are so good at it, that it's essentially become a new religion. 

Anyway, the people in Mrs. Davis are all trying to "earn their wings" by earning enough ARG points. The explanation for why that's specifically what the computers want them to achieve is pretty funny.