Friday, May 5, 2023

Some incredible quotes from the president of Bard College in New York as he defends seeking money from Jeffrey Epstein


“Would we accept money from Jeffrey Epstein today? No,” [the college president] said, describing the former donor as a “monster” and “truly evil man.” “We had no idea, the public record had no indication, that he was anything more than an ordinary — if you could say such a thing — sex offender who had been convicted and went to jail.”

Mr. Epstein had been very publicly accused of sexually abusing girls as young as 14.  


“That is a humiliating experience to go back over and over and over,” [the college president] said, adding, “We’re completely at the mercy of the very wealthy.”


“He enjoyed humiliating and dangling prospects,” [the college president] said, adding, “He was sadistic. He absolutely strung me along.”