Sunday, May 7, 2023

The publisher of the successfully funded Rainbow Six: Siege board game has demanded substantially more money from kickstarter backers

From the update (the project funded at $1,541,463 with an original $100,000 goal):

the combined crises of COVID and the war in Ukraine, which we had not anticipated, have changed the international situation


We already faced this problem with another big project, Darkest Dungeon, and we had to ask backers for an additional contribution to cover these extra costs. More than 80% of the backers paid it


Depending on your pledge, here is the amount that will be asked, to which you will have to add the shipping costs:

Fresh Recruit (Core Pledge): $39 (original pledge $69)

Trooper (Gameplay All-in): $99 (original pledge $199)

Smooth Operator (Premium all-in): $129 (original pledge $269)


If you are unwilling or unable to pay, you will not receive your game in October.


We continue to make refunds for all our projects as we are able. These refunds are made in chronological order of the requests received by email to our customer service and according to a capped amount revised each month. These refunds will continue as long as they do not jeopardize the delivery of the projects.