Thursday, May 11, 2023

There's a soccer betting scandal in Brazil, and an MLS player is allegedly involved


Brazilian state prosecutors charged 16 people, including seven professional soccer players, with alleged match-fixing and illegal betting in what threatens to be one of the largest scandals since Brazil legalized sports gambling in 2018.

Brazilian justice minister ... ordered the federal police to launch an investigation into the scheme after the charging documents were published. Prosecutors of the Public Ministry of Goias said the alleged offenses took place in 13 matches in Series A and B of the Brazilian Championship, including eight played in 2022.

According to the charging documents, a criminal gang paid players to commit infractions, and would then bet on such outcomes to win payouts when the offenses occurred.

The group would offer up to 500,000 reais ($100,000) as an upfront payment to the players


The Colorado Rapids have suspended [the player allegedly involved]

No word yet on if someone has assembled a supercut of a bunch of absurd penalties.