Monday, May 15, 2023

Today's news and jokes

 Cat Fact of the Day: Cats are known for their love of high spaces. Cat owners may sometimes find their cat(s) on top on the refridgerator. Some may enjoy walking across a kitchen table. But for Lalah, she found a new high spot at the top of a rock wall. Boulbaka Bouldering Gym is a rock climbling gym for athletes and beginners alike. Mitsuru Goan founded the gym to fulfill his dreams and passion for climbing. Lalah was rescued by the gym as a kitten and currently lives at the gym where she is known for climbing a 16 foot rope or hiding inside people’s gym bags. Guests have to be careful not to take her home since she loves to hide in bags. Lalah also greets customers and shows up on Boulbaka’s IG page to advertise the gym. The tortoiseshell may have learned to climb to reach a high spot or after watching guests climb. A video of her climbing was uploaded to YT in 2016 and earned over 600k views. Based on the video, it took her a little over 1 minute to successful reach the top of the wall #catsoftiktok #cat #cats #cattok #learnontiktok #catfacts #funfacts #cutecat #cutecats #catperson #catlady #meow ♬ Happy Up Beat (Medium) - TimTaj

@zander.thegreat He was beside himself. Zander said don’t even come if you don’t have Leo 😪 #dogsoftiktok #greatdane #fypシ #dogmomlife ♬ pierceluv made this sound stop asking - pierce

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