Sunday, March 17, 2024

There was a series of mysterious drone swarms around Langley Air Force Base last December

The Warzone:

there were already clear indications, especially from plane spotters using online flight-tracking software, that something unusual was going on in the skies over and around Langley and the rest of the Newport News area last December. This included a flurry of aerial activity, including what looked to be Air Force F-16 fighters conducting combat air patrols supported by aerial refueling tankers, over Newport News and other parts of southeastern Virginia


It is important to note that this is not the first time that Langley and other U.S. military bases across the country, including outlying U.S. territories, as well as critical civilian infrastructure, have been subjected to mysterious drone overflights. U.S. warships have also been swarmed off the coasts of the United States. U.S. military aircraft are also routinely encountering drones in various test and training ranges and other restricted military operating areas. America's nuclear power plants have had very troubling encounters with drone swarms. Yet the frequency and nature of the incursions in Virginia sound eerily similar to the bizarre claims of unidentified drone swarms roving over the plains of Colorado in the Winter of 2019-2020. The government response to those incidents was something of a meek sideshow compared to what clearly occurred regarding the Langley incidents