Sunday, March 31, 2024

Today's news and jokes

("The message was later found to have misidentified both the judge and prosecutor involved, though not before it generated dozens of hateful comments, some of them featuring the judge’s photograph")

"What does it all mean? It's tough to say"


(Ads like these were usually the highlight of the magazine)

Love the moon camo, would like some. (Can AI create an entirely new final act?)


Magpie following a cat pretending it’s not

♬ mary by alex g sped up - River

@cherfranko13 yeah now this guy who got eliminated from American idol knows you ate my cereal!! #husband #marriage ♬ original sound - jovynn

@littleshadowtattoos literally OBSESSED with this cute wiener dog for my amazing friend @aesterisk_ !! love you so much, goober! #tattoo #tattooartist #cutetattoo #funnytattoo #dogtattoo #weinerdog #weinerdogtattoo ♬ i am obsessed with this - mallorie

@bentleyandfinn The way he missed that part of the couch completely 🤣 hes fine 😂 #englishbulldog #caughtoncamera #furbo #bulldog ♬ Wii Sports Main Theme (From "Wii Sports Video Game") - Geek Music

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