Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Link roundup

1. Marginal Revolution unveils a new free online school.

2. Two good posts at Overcoming Bias. First, one discussing freedom of information:

If the printing press did propel the Reformation, one of the biggest ideas it propelled was Luther’s newly invented absolutist anti-Semitism. And what followed the Reformation wasn’t the Enlightenment, a new era of openness and freely disseminated knowledge. What followed the Reformation was, actually, the Counter-Reformation, which used the same means—i.e., printed books—to spread ideas about what jerks the reformers were, and unleashed a hundred years of religious warfare. In the seventeen-fifties, more than two centuries later, Voltaire was still writing in a book about the horrors of those other books that urged burning men alive in auto-da-fé
And second, an atheist acknowledges what religion has to offer.

3. Paul Ryan's Secret Service codename is Bowhunter, and his wife's is Buttercup.

4. New toys from NECA: 1/4 scale Captain America, DOTA 2 Axe, and the BBTS has preorder listings for Django Unchained figures.