Sunday, September 30, 2012

When Adam Savage from Mythbusters went as No-Face at a convention

Adam Savage from Mythbusters is famous for the homemade costumes he wears to conventions.  One year, he went as No-Face from Spirited Away:
Funny thing happened at Comic-con when I wore it. I had a satchel of gold coins in my robe to give to people I was taking pictures with. But the Otaku (who were the most freaked out and happy to meet No-Face) kept putting the coins back into my hands. Took me awhile to realize that it's because it's bad luck to take coins from No-Face. I got chills. The cosplay that happens at the cons is like a new kind of theater that only the participants understand. I love diving into that world.
It's really pretty incredible watching him perform as No-Face in the second video.

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