Friday, September 28, 2012

Link roundup

2.  Before every screening at the upscale Arclight movie chain in Los Angeles, an usher introduces the film and talks about Arclight's high standards.  Looper director Rian Johnson posed as an usher during a midnight screening of the movie.

3.  From GQ's oral history of Cheers:
Kirstie Alley: It was a boys' club, and I do well in boys' clubs. Woody and I instantly hit it off. I was married, but he would show up at my house sometimes and stay over. One night he brought this girl to bang, and then in the middle of the night he decided he didn't want to, so he was knocking on my bedroom door: "Kirs? Kirs? Can you talk to me a minute? I'm just not into this chick." I said, "Woody, you have to take responsibility. I can't coach you into sleeping with her, but you need to go back there, dude." I think she was in the bedroom crying while we were chatting about this. I had the halfway house. I can't tell you how many nights I spent around my kitchen table, soothing broken hearts.  
Bebe Neuwirth: Kirstie saved me, in a way. [At the time], I had a terrible marriage, and I stayed at her house. She was wonderful—just a kind, big-hearted, filthy girl. Somehow she could be vulgar without being vulgar.
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