Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Link roundup

1. Funny sketches here:

Friday was Carrie's birthday, and a few of us went to grab dinner at a place in Hollywood. Our waitress was a slender girl who wore an incredibly form fitting, low cut top that prominently displayed her obviously enhanced chest. It was seriously distracting... At some point in the evening, I felt some unnaturally firm, round object rest on my shoulder.
2.  Neat detail about the Zelda minigame for the Wii U:
I keep getting the hearts beaten out of me. But look at that skull on the ground. That's wasn't there last time. I'm going to shoot at it. It gave me a heart! That's nice. Later... the game is loading up a new Zelda level and it's mentioning something about those skulls which—oh!—they show up where I last died in the level. So they were my skull. I was scavenging my corpse. 
(Presumably, a couple of weeks after the Wii U is released, the executive in charge will be fired for being "abrasive.")

3.  From an ask me anything session at Reddit with Stanley Kubrick's daughter and granddaughter:
He was just a Dad who liked making tuna sandwiches and watching sport on TV. He was always working, and we learned a lot being around him.
Kubrick was an NFL fan and also liked White Men Can't Jump.  Via.