Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Link roundup

1. Christopher McQuarrie analyzes the failure of marketing Edge of Tomorrow, and partially blames himself:

A: The movie didn’t have the moments that a trailer needs to tell you, “This is the experience you’re going to have.”
Q: And one of the first things we saw [in Rogue Nation] was Tom Cruise taking off on the side of a plane. It’s impossible to not be interested in that.

A: We knew you needed that image. And, more importantly, we knew that image would be the image that is selling the movie, which is why we argued from the very beginning to make that the opening of the film and not the ending.
2. Battle of the celebrity defense attorneys--Mark Geragos convinced a trial court that "Robert Shapiro provided ineffective counsel during [a] sexual assault trial" for not showing the jury his client's sex tape.

3. TDB:
China’s killer robots are at war in Nigeria, apparently helping Abuja’s military battle the deadly Boko Haram extremist group
with unarmed American robots and armed Chinese models flying top cover, Nigerian troops and warplanes have stepped up their attacks on Boko Haram.
Chinese missile-drones are apparently helping the government beat a militant slavery ring that the United States also wants to defeat.
4. New toy preorders if you like robots with animal face-shaped fists: Altimite DX Transforming Voltron; S.H. Figuarts Omegamon (Our War Game!).