Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Link roundup

1. "Single-player games with dead authentication servers ruled DMCA exempt"

2. LAT:

When an employee's conduct becomes erratic or threatening, employers have options from counseling to termination. But what happens when that employee is an elected official?

It's a question that the city of Carson has been pondering in recent months as allegations of bizarre and threatening behavior by City Clerk. . . have piled up.
3. WaPo:
Plenty of people offer tiny houses as vacation rentals, but leave it to progressive Portland to introduce the first tiny-house hotel. The Oregon city has not only legalized accessory dwelling units, also called ADUs (small living quarters on the same lot as a larger home), the city embraces and incentivizes smaller-scale living. This approach helped make it possible for Deb Delman and Kol Peterson to open Caravan, which they say is the first legal commercial application of tiny houses in the United States.
4. Bendable DC figures available for preorder, including animated Livewire, and Dawn of Justice Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.