Monday, January 4, 2016

Link roundup

1. "The mysterious case of the dead North Korean doctors and their wives"

Even by the standards of news about North Korea, this story is bizarre: Two North Korean doctors working in Cambodia died over the weekend, apparently after they got so drunk that their wives, also doctors, injected them with some mystery liquid to counteract the alcohol. Both men then had heart attacks
Now, we’re used to stories about strange deaths in North Korea.
But this case concerns North Koreans who were almost certainly among the 50,000 or more citizens outside the country earning money for Kim Jong Un’s regime.
2. "Busy New Yorkers can now donate to Hillary Clinton’s campaign without missing a workout — Chelsea Clinton is set to host a fundraiser for her mother’s campaign at the cult favorite spin studio SoulCycle."
At the fundraiser, supporters who contribute $2,700 will be part of “Chelsea’s pack,” and entitled to a “premium reserved bike” and a photo with Chelsea Clinton.
3. Last Exit to Nowhere: "We’re offering 15% OFF all our film inspired items throughout January 2016. To qualify, simply quote: JAN2016." Also, new Blade Runner tee.