Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Link roundup

1. Play the LA Times Powerball simulator.

2. "Lessons learned from porting indie games onto arcade cabinets":
"When designing for an arcade machine, the player begins the experience as soon as they see the cabinet,"


They need to know at a glance what your game is, and how to play it. A completely unique controller or visual style can also help to set you apart.
3. "The Bizarre Rise of an American Porn Star in Narendra Modi's India":
Bollywood is India's film industry where even kissing on screen is taboo, thanks to a decades-long ban only recently removed. Just this would make Leone's success there kinda bizarre. But what's even more bizarre is that her stock has risen at the same time as the country elected Narendra Modi, arguably India's most prudish prime minister ever, by a landslide. He represents a brand of Hindutva or Hindu nationalism that regards Valentine's Day as Western debauchery and sex education in school as an invitation to licentiousness.