Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Link roundup

1. "The UK's Alton Towers has announced Galactica, a three-minute virtual reality flight through space at up to 47mph and 3.5-g. Strapped in face-down with headset on, passengers will travel through an assortment of galactic scenes timed to change with the ride's big moments."

2. "Los Angeles Rams' move means Madden's stadium builders must act fast"
Soldier Field, owned by the city of Chicago, was a famous holdout from Madden for years, finally joining the series for Madden NFL 12. The video game Bears had played in a generic stadium before that.
3. "Wells Fargo Mocks Minnesota Vikings’ 'Photo Bomb' Lawsuit"
The Vikings are building a fancy new stadium and have sold the naming rights to U.S. Bank. To preserve the value of those naming rights, the team made deals with all the owners of the neighboring buildings to determine where and how they could put up signage on these properties.

This includes the couple of buildings that Wells Fargo has next to the stadium site. The bank has since put illuminated Wells Fargo logos on those two 17-story towers...these new signs can only be spotted in aerial images.