Saturday, January 23, 2016

Link roundup

1. "Reality didn’t always match the menu at Toronto restaurant"
The “organic” granola was boxed Quaker Harvest Crunch and the “homemade” dressing was bought from RenĂ©e’s Gourmet. The promised Japanese beef, a rare, well-marbled delicacy that reportedly can fetch around $200 a strip, was really regular skirt steak from a lesser breed of cow.
2. "A major new finding about the impact of having a dad who was drafted to Vietnam"
A decade after their military service, white veterans of the draft were earning about 15 percent less than their peers who didn't serve,
3. "Another major accident reported on steep Beverly Hills road"
The crash happened on the same section of Loma Vista Drive where truck crashes two months apart in 2014 claimed the lives of the two officers.