Saturday, January 16, 2016

Link roundup

1. "Wild boar on loose in Hong Kong financial district evades police"

Technology worker streams four hours of pursuit on Periscope as police armed with riot shields fail to drive boar into net or coax it out with food
2. "Oregon militia's behavior increasingly brazen as public property destroyed"
the militia, led by Nevada rancher Ammon Bundy, had paved a road through part of the wildlife sanctuary. That move came days after occupiers destroyed part of a US Fish and Wildlife Service fence, to allow cattle to freely graze on public lands the federal government controls.
3. "A teenage singer made headlines in China and on her home island of Taiwan this weekend, but not for the winsome K-pop music that she hoped would attract fans. Instead, a glum, shaken apology after a controversy over a flag landed the singer, Chou Tzu-yu, in the maw of tensions between China and Taiwan"