Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Enjoy the imperial agent storyline from Star Wars: The Old Republic

I never gave Star Wars: The Old Republic much of a chance because I hated the MMO-mechanic gameplay of the first few minutes, and screenshots like this repulsed me:

But I got Star Wars fever thanks to the recent movie news, searched Youtube, and discovered that "Marz" had uploaded a series of The Old Republic videos. Marz has largely edited out the boring bits, and focused on the various characters' storylines. For example, you can watch as a Sith warrior chafes under her master's rule and slaughters her way to primacy.

I watched the Imperial Agent's story. Appropriately, it's filled with brain washings, mind control, and implanted memories as the agent struggles to protect the Empire while navigating the moods of fickle Sith.

Not every character costume is something to be proud of:

And I prefer my companion design to be a little more subtle:

But there are plenty of narrow escapes:

And dangerous enemies:

Definitely a good cheap way to satisfy your Star Wars craving while awaiting the movie.

I also picked up the Star Wars: The Old Republic: Encyclopedia. $28 for a 352-page hardcover featuring profiles of the game's classes, companions, and ships.