Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Link roundup

1. Doctor Strange will be directed by Sinister's Scott Derrickson:
Derickson is a man of faith. He was very careful to make sure that all of the mystic mumbo jumbo in Sinister was totally unrelated to any ‘real’ demonology of any kind. He apparently didn’t want to run the risk of weaving something genuinely evil into his film.
2. Israel's desalinization plants can supposedly provide freshwater for as little as $1 per family per day.  "But Israel’s four plants consume roughly a tenth of the electricity the country produces."

3. From an article about Angelina Jolie managing publicity:
Pitt and Jolie had both signed on to make Mr. and Mrs. Smith, a double-crossing spy thriller intended to exploit Jolie’s skill at what can only be called sexy fighting.