Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Link roundup

1. The brave new future of employment is begging for a job in public:
Zappos, based in Las Vegas, plans to hire at least 450 people this year, but candidates won't find out about those jobs on, or the company website. Instead, they will have to join a social network, called Zappos Insiders, where they will network with current employees and demonstrate their passion for the company—in some cases publicly—in hopes that recruiters will tap them when jobs come open.
2. Sergey Brin on Google+:
"I'm probably the worst person to speak about social ... I'm just not a very social person," he says. 
Brin says he posts pictures of his kids to family. "I don't connect with a lot of people. I'm kind of weirdo. It was probably a mistake for me to be working on anything tangentially related to social to begin with." Wow.
3. The T2 motorbike chase recreated in Grand Theft Auto V.