Friday, June 6, 2014

Link roundup

1. A theory that Godzilla is about the USA and Japan uniting to fight China:
The Mutos, by the way, are basically Chinese mythological dragons, and an image of two kissing Muto-like beings is shown over the gate of San Francisco’s Chinatown three different times in the movie, each time with greater conspicuousness. The Mutos base themselves in Chinatown in fact. Note that the Mutos can beat up on Godzilla because of their greater numbers, but as for one-on-one there is no doubt Godzilla is more fierce. And the name of the being — Muto — what does that mean? I believe loyal MR readers already know, and apologies for reminding you. General Akira Muto led the worst excesses committed by Japanese troops during the Rape of Nanjing, perhaps the single biggest Chinese grievance against The Land of the Rising Sun, and thus the beings are a sign of the Chinese desire for redress and revenge. Unless of course the right military alliance comes along to contain them and save the world… 
The references to Pearl Harbor and the Philippines are not accidents either.
2. A performance of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof in Los Angeles was disrupted when an actor jumped off the stage to confront a homophobic catcaller. And bonus twist: the catcaller might have been the starlet's boyfriend.

3.  A mentally ill woman is breeding rats and releasing them in the wild in San Francisco.
Authorities say the woman simply moves when she is confronted about the problem.