Sunday, November 1, 2015

Link roundup

1. "I began to realize that almost everything the Germans made was over-engineered, from the tanks to gas-mask cases to the field jacket of the lowly landser."
America built 74,000 Sherman hulls and engines; Germany built just 1,347 Tigers.
2. "Welcome to the arms race for anti-drone weaponry"
law enforcement agencies are still surprisingly out-gunned if they need to take down a hostile drone. Short of shooting it down, what can a police officer or prison guard do?
The jamming itself is also illegal, presenting an even trickier legal problem. The FCC has a blanket ban on jamming devices, and there's no carveout expected for anti-drone technology.
3. "One of the worst eco-disasters on the planet is currently unfolding in Indonesia. Over the past two months, thousands of forest and peatland fires have been raging out of control, choking the entire region in a thick, toxic haze."
On at least 38 days in September and October, Indonesia's fires were spewing more daily emissions than the entire United States economy.