Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Link roundup

1. Lonely Planet "ranked Botswana as the 'it' country, calling it "invigoratingly wild." LP named Transylvania in Romania as the best region, and Kotor, Montenegro, as the best city."

2. "Court Has An Opportunity To Finally End The East Texas Patent Troll Docket"
The top judge for patent cases in East Texas used to be John Ward, until he "retired" to join his son in a local law practice representing patent trolls. Then the crown went to Judge Rodney Gilstrap, who is handling a ridiculous number of patent cases. In 2014, he was given 968 patent cases -- or 20% of all patent cases filed in the country.
3. "the actions of both stock investors and college students suggest that they do not believe we are at substantial risk of a big burst of automation soon."