Monday, November 30, 2015

Link roundup

1. "Last Friday the MYSTERY SHOW #2 - The Traveller’s Collection opened at Rotopolpress in Kassel.... The concept of the show is, that every participant will get a little box with several objects inside. (You don’t know what you will get so it’s always a surprise.) The task is to use all those objects as inspiration for the final illustration."

2. If you're considering buying the remote control BB-8:
The one negative that could actually be a pretty big negative if half of my house didn’t have hardwood floors…the device doesn’t run well on carpet. In fact, it doesn’t really run at all. The head will move, but that’s about it.
3. Relatedly, here's a look at the Mignola and Olly Moss prints from the Star Wars Art: A Poster Collection (Poster Book): Featuring 20 Removable, Frameable Prints ($15).

4. "Toronto Zoo briefly closes baboon exhibit after matriarch's death sparks violent power struggle"

5. "Mattel’s latest Wi-Fi enabled Barbie doll can easily be hacked to turn it into a surveillance device for spying on children and listening into conversations without the owner’s knowledge." Via.