Sunday, November 29, 2015

Link roundup

1. Ringtones based on the audio cues for Fallout 4's Mysterious Stranger.

2. "Did This Billionaire Get Swindled Out of Millions in an Elaborate Art World Scheme?"
As a result, many in the art world worry about a tendency for free ports to become "art cemeteries." The world's largest free port, at Geneva Airport, is said to hold as much art as the Louvre.
3. "Long Before Trees Overtook the Land, Earth Was Covered by Giant Mushrooms"
24 feet tall and three feet wide, these giant spires dotted the ancient landscape

4. "The number of journal articles published has climbed from 13,000 50 years ago to 72,000 today, even as overall readership has declined. In his new book 'Higher Education in America,' former Harvard president Derek Bok notes that 98 percent of articles published in the arts and humanities are never cited by another researcher." Via.

5.Nakatomi Plaza Die Hard Collection [Blu-ray] (six discs, villain cards, booklet and a miniature Nakatomi Tower) is 50% off at Amazon.