Sunday, November 1, 2015

Link roundup

1. "In 2013, a small-town city official by the name of Rita Crundwell was sentenced to almost 20 years in federal prison for stealing at least $53.7 million from the city of Dixon, Ill."
the town’s longtime comptroller, used the millions to build a horse-breeding empire so enormous that federal investigators are still auctioning it off, piece by ill-gotten piece.
2. The making of Limbo's spider:
The ambient soundscape that PlayDead’s Martin Stig Andersen composed for Limbo ensures that you feel in your spinal column the crunching snap of the spider’s leg.
Andersen – who records late at night in a village outside Copenhagen to avoid the noise pollution of birds and traffic – took a spear to his son’s kindergarten playground and jabbed it repeatedly into the leaf-covered topsoil.

He laughs as he recounts the story, aware of how sinister it would’ve appeared to an uninformed observer.
3. Breaking Bad: The Complete Series is $58 (DVD) and $69 (Blu-ray) at Amazon ($91 off).