Monday, July 11, 2016

"Fake 9/11 First Responder Killed Her Husband for His Real VA Check"

When Robert McClancy was found poisoned by his own PTSD meds, his wife and her boyfriend—who pretended for years to be 9/11 first responders and Purple Heart recipients—got his veteran’s benefits. This is how they were caught.


While working as a firefighter in 2001, Chuck was suspected of setting numerous fires, only to allegedly report them and lead the battle against them himself.


Chuck used arson to gain access to McClancy’s home and woo Martha in the couple’s early days, McGavic says.


“[Chuck] moved his body around a couple different places. Sometimes he would put a bottle of pills in one hand, and nothing in the other hand. He would put a revolver in one hand and nothing in the other hand,” McGavic said. “I think he enjoys documenting stuff like that, and going back and going over it. He’s a sicko. He’s a creep.”

But Chuck’s own meticulous documentation wasn’t enough to indict him or Martha. A judge ruled the camera inadmissible as evidence, as police had handled it without a warrant. (In fact, police ended up literally paying for the night’s events, after Martha won an out of court settlement claiming a sheriff’s deputy had pushed her when she tried to reenter the crime scene.)