Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Jordie Bellaire explains color choices in Vision

From today's studio newsletter:
I really wanted the Visions to have a strange characteristic about their flashbacks, this being the strong use of neon hues in yellow and pink. The yellow calls back to their gem/power and the pink calls to their skin. The yellows become the "computerized" element of the flashbacks. The android memory.


Later, in the upcoming issue #9 (out 13th of July), we play around with this concept of android memory again with the character Victor Mancha. However, Victor isn't simply an android, he has human components as he was created with the DNA of a human woman. Because of this, I wanted Victor's flashbacks to still feel alien and unusual, with the use of neon blues and greens that call back to his power/energy but also use yellow as a symbol of his inner android workings. The yellow wouldn't be the strongest element of the flashbacks but they would be there to complement the surroundings. Throughout the flashback, Victor is wearing yellow or interacting with yellow in someway and in the "real time" scenes of Vision since his appearance in #8, he's also wearing either yellows or oranges - always calling back to this idea of him being human but also android. This is something I do in flashbacks and in the linear story, we're always grounded in the idea that even though Victor may appear human, more so than the Visions, he is not at all what he seems.