Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix: The Lost Sequel to Fate of Atlantis"

Any graphic adventure project must begin with the story, and the yarn Pinney and Barwood devised took place in 1947, depicting an older, post-war Indy, a Soviet presence, and a finale set in South America. ... As its eventual co-project leader Aric Wilmunder points out, 1947 was a remarkable time in history no matter how you slice it:

The Nazi’s were defeated. The US had the bomb, and thought the science behind it was somehow a secret, but stockpiling of the weapons didn’t really get going until the 1950’s In a few short years since the war, US and Soviet forces that were allied against Germany were now entering the first part of what would become the cold war.

The Nuremberg trials had ended, with Goering committing suicide, but many Nazi’s went underground while others escaped to South America. Many German scientists along with their technologies had been rushed out of the country including von Braun who would had designed and built the V2 rockets that were fired on London and went on to build the Saturn V and put men on the moon.

There is a brief time where if the Nazi’s had the Philosopher’s Stone, could use it to bring back Hitler, and also refine a uranium rich ore like pitchblende into explosive grade atomics, they could have stuck DC, London, Moscow, and begun their 1000-year reich.