Monday, July 4, 2016

"Playing Fallout 4 without ever leaving Sanctuary"

We do have one visitor, however. I step outside one morning and see an Eyebot serenely hovering down the street. It's advertising job openings at a chemical lab. I listen for a bit, then shoot it down. I hate to be unfriendly to newcomers, but the bot has circuits I need to build an additional turret. It's good timing, too: the next day there's a big incursion of four raiders, perhaps those I exchanged fire with. The turrets, my neighbors, and even the normally dormant Codsworth pitch in to defeat them. I spend the rest of the day dragging bodies, and parts of bodies, into vacant houses. Just feels weird leaving them lying in the street. My settlers keep saying things to me like "You should have seen us fight off those raiders!"