Sunday, July 3, 2016

"the comment-as-advertisement...has recently emerged as a boon to [Instagram's] burgeoning network of wedding vendors"

She opens up Instagram search and types in one of your standard marital hashtags — #bestproposalever, #hejustasked, #shesaidyes, or #isaidyes, for instance — and an endless stream of dudes on one knee pops up. Then she starts commenting from her business’s account.

“It’s usually just like ‘congrats’ or ‘gorgeous,’” Lee, who’s based in Vancouver, told me. “Something super generic that’s one word, that applies to a lot of content.”

A one-word comment is usually enough to spark curiosity. As Lee explains, the newly engaged couple’s friends might see the post and click through to the Just Because page, the beginning of what could be a three-hour trip down a wedding-themed rabbit hole. If they like what they see, Lee says they’ll @ their boyfriends to drop a hint.


The results have been so promising that she soon plans to use a program called Instagress, a bot that comments, likes, and follows Instagram accounts based on specific hashtags, to automate the process.