Sunday, July 2, 2017

Walking in The Signal From Tölva

From two reviews I read when I noticed the game was on sale.

PC Gamer:
In practice, there’s rarely a dull moment, and it’s all in the details. Exploration is enjoyable partly thanks to the sheer physicality of it. You don’t walk, you stomp, the camera gently jogging in a way that conveys a sense of weight without making you queasy. There’s a jump button you’ll barely need, but you’ll press it anyway, just because it feels brilliant: you can almost hear the shock absorbers wheezing as they cushion the impact of landing.
And there will be walking. A lot of it, and at frustratingly lethargic speeds, even while running. This slower pace allows you to feel the weight and chassis of your robot drone, but it’s a bit much considering the distances you have to cover. That turns this shooter into something that moves more like a “walking simulator,” which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but after a while that extra walking time feels like padding.