Thursday, November 16, 2017

"A group of college athletic administrators say they're extremely concerned that a proposed measure in the House's tax bill that passed on Thursday will greatly impair college sports funding"

Not allowing fans to deduct for donations that give them the right to buy tickets would immediately cost college programs hundreds of millions of dollars, according to athletic directors who spoke with ESPN.

"If that deduction goes away, what you will see is a dramatic sea change in the college sports landscape," said Duke athletic director Kevin White. "We need to put speed bumps up now to slow this thing down because I don't think the politicians have any idea how much this will pull apart our system."

For years, college athletic programs have relied on donations associated with season tickets to fuel their budgets. While the price of the season tickets themselves are not tax deductible, fans have been able to write off up to 80 percent of the donation that was required to buy those tickets, a fact that has been heavily marketed by the programs themselves.