Monday, November 27, 2017

Wild stories about the Connecticut Post

In October, 1981, one of the Post’s wire service editors died at his desk, about two hours before deadline.

His head fell into his glue pot; in those days, rubber cement was used to glue pages of copy together so the typesetters wouldn’t lose track of a part of the story.

The tragedy was discovered by another copy editor, and an ambulance was summoned. But the glue pot had hardened


It was soon discovered that the weapon was owned by one of the Post’s younger staffers who had become a drug dealer. His handgun went off accidentally when he dropped his coat.

He was later arrested in the newspaper’s lobby and charged with selling cocaine. A Bridgeport cop had been working undercover as a janitor, and helped make the bust.

”He was one of the best janitors we ever had,”