Monday, November 6, 2017

From 2012: "Tales Of The Mysterious Saudi Prince Alwaleed"

Prince Alwaleed calls himself the largest foreign individual investor in the United States. And he may well be.

With ownership comes power.


Given how rich Alwaleed is, it's not surprising to hear that his life is insulated from the morality and sensibilities of the outside world — especially the world outside Saudi Arabia.

All you need to hear to understand that are stories about Alwaleed's dwarfs.

Almost every source we spoke to, including Alwaleed's official spokesperson, confirmed that, like a medieval monarch, Alwaleed keeps in his entourage a group of dancing, laughing, joking dwarfs.


This source says that, during a hunting trip to South Africa in November 2010, Alwaleed shot one animal and let it suffer for so long — 15 minutes or more — that the safari's official "professional hunter" finally demanded that the Prince put the animal down "now." Alwaleed allegedly refused, telling the professional hunter "No, no. Leave it."
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