Wednesday, November 8, 2017

"'Obviously, I left CAA promptly, because it was like a pimp situation'"

Actress Rae Dawn Chong says she was repped by CAA in 1989-90 when she was sent to CAA client Steven Seagal's hotel for a 9:30 p.m. audition that allegedly devolved quickly into sexual harassment, with Seagal exposing himself. "Kevin Huvane was my agent," she says of the now-CAA managing partner. "Did I call him after and tell him what happened and say how violated and fucked up it was? Yes. And did CAA take the position of, 'We'll protect you'? No. It became, 'Rae Dawn Chong's difficult.' And it did impact my career. Obviously, I left CAA promptly, because it was like a pimp situation."

Huvane tells THR: "Protecting clients has always been my top priority. I would never knowingly put a client at risk. What Ms. Chong describes having happened sounds horrible, and I have great sympathy for her."

Several women have come forward in recent weeks to share similar stories about Seagal, who was a top CAA client at the time. And in her account of Weinstein harassment, Gwyneth Paltrow told the Times that her agency set up the hotel meeting. "It's on the fax, it's from CAA," she said.